Our Journey

Located in Birmingham, Alabama, Benechek was founded by Miya Aladebumoye, MBA, JD, an Attorney and visionary entrepreneur, driven by a passion to transform how people achieve their goals. Originally launched in April 2023 with a focus on nonprofit technology, Benechek has evolved significantly under Miya's leadership. After experiencing multiple pivotal moments and learning from each, Benechek pivoted in 2024 to address a widespread challenge that transcends professional boundaries: maintaining consistency.

From Nonprofit Technology to Inspiring Consistency

The journey of Benechek is a story of evolution. Beginning as a tool aimed at enhancing efficiency for nonprofits, to tackling inconsistency, this epiphany came from Miya’s own experiences, whether in pursuing fitness goals or launching new ventures. It couldn’t be blamed on a lack of discipline, but rather a lack of progress that often led to disinterest and abandonment of goals.

Realizing a Vision

Miya’s epiphany wasn’t unique to her, but were also echoed by many around her. This universal struggle with motivation and the slow pace of visible results inspired the new vision for Benechek. Now, Benechek aims to empower individuals by enabling them to visualize and experience their successes in advance, thereby maintaining motivation and accelerating progress.


Achievements and Recognition

Under Miya's leadership, Benechek has gained significant recognition. The company was accepted into Google for Startup's Cloud Program and clinched a victory at the 22nd Startup Runway Pitch Competition.

Changing Lives, One Visualization at a Time

At Benechek, we’re not just building a product; we’re creating a movement to redefine success
and achievement. Miya’s vision is clear: to change lives by changing the way people see their
potential—making every goal within reach and every dream a visible, tangible reality.